southern exposure - tasmania

Publicly exposed my long-awaited (by me) Flat-Pak Grandeliers to Hobart two weeks ago at the Market. My hyper-flap generated enough power to run the low-energy bulbs all day...who needs alternative energies when there's a deadline?! Thoughtfully, the market peeps gave enthusiastic feedback which kept me beaming...which in turn caused verbal incontinence! Yadda yadda. Most of my residential lights are flat-packed and easily assembled at home, fitting standard light fittings and available in a variety of materials. From gorgeous eco-resin to Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) veneers printed in a range of contemporary themes using non smelly agri-inks. But since patterns fuel my life designs can be personalised to match your socks! Or match your ballroom - any Grandelier can be resized up to a ceiling-busting 2 metres wide. Yep, buy that bar you dream about. Here's a few Grandeliers from Who Did That to suspend from the ceiling or stand on your console...ah, beam me up, Scotty.

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