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That famous froggy, Kermit, announced, "It's not easy being green." Yet the ill effects of formaldehyde leaching into living spaces could soon find us somewhere between blue and yellow. As most commercial pressed timbers - ply, mdf, particleboard, etc - contain levels of formaldehyde it was interesting to source the healthiest. So, January wasn't all beer and skittles, I searched out even healthier materials for the Grandeliers.
New Age Veneers, one such discovery, stock a range of cool environ veneers - expect to see new Grandeliers bent from their products at the 2010 Sustainable Building + Lifestyle Expos, Launceston and Hobart next month.
As some FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) endorsed products still contain low levels it's good to check their site
Effects of formaldehyde in your living environment thru Green Building
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