blueprint for the biennale

advocates of the avant-garde, the ingenious Gerard Reinmuth (of tassie based, multi award winning architectural firm terroir) and Anthony Burke (associate professor and head of the school of architecture at UTS) will be the provocateurs of some serious bricks and mortar banter next year.   from t-square toting students to revered draftsmen,  the world of architecture will unite at the 2012 venice architecture biennale, now also considered to be the most important event on he international architecture calendar.  presiding over the aussie corner, Burke and Reinmuth are taking a 'real world' look at contemporary architecture and the innovative practices that are thoughtfully taking this country's landscape into the future.  from the mouth of Burke, it's "an exhibition designed to challenge traditionally held beliefs about what architecture can be, and celebrate new opportunities for architects working in non-traditional ways".  if you can't hop a plane to venezia come september, get the goods on this duo and their 'formations' here.
photo: David Burns