studio 1:1

cutting edge avian architecture; psychedelic "tech-spiration" for educators; high voltage nature strips...  creativity abounds in Studio 1:1 - the fresh dutch design duo who's cleverness you'll wish upon yourself.  melding old and new seems to be the knack and enviro friendly, community minded creations- the result.

case in point is the ICT Experience Center De Verdieping - the, once dormant, third floor of an information and communications technology advisory in the netherlands.  as you can see from the rather intensely hued pics, Studio 1:1 has succeeded in transforming it into "an area where teachers, rectors and managers from the educational sector can get inspired by the latest developments in the ICT sector".

we must admit a particular fondness for the formed yellow bench wet area.  serving creative juices only, no doubt.  the genius is in the details, so go admire them on Studio 1:1s website.  a click through their other projects will act as good proxy for the arvo coffee, too.  
photos: Sanne Donders