exclusive pickings at the pav.

exclusive, VIP, limited edition - all fun words to throw around when you're talking about your next shopping spree. well you don't need to be wealthy (just speedy) to bag yourself a VIP pass to adelaides Bowerbird Bazaar next weekend.  a measly fiver will not only get you a sneak peek at (and first pick of) the lovely wares of over a hundred talented aussie designer/makers... but being VIP 'n' all, you can pop back whenever you please throughout the entire weekend.  here's three more words that might pique your interest: hundred dollar voucher.  there are three up for grabs for VIP folks only.  like all good things - they're limited - so hop to it and get your BB ticket here.  oh, and don't forget to pop by stall 43 for a gander at the grand new shapes we're suspending.  see you there!

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