pod luxe

long enamoured by natures ingenious design and the 'slow' crafts of our forefathers, we've literally returned to our roots to draw inspiration for our new range.  INDUSTRY OF NATURE is the irresistible convergence of the natural world and ancient crafts.  POD LUXE, the radiant debut from the collection, borrows its form from the reticulated tunic of the corm (not horticulturally versed? ...the bulbous encasing of irises, gladiolus, et al), and has been sculpted through the time honoured tradition of cuir bouilli (non parlez-vous fran├žais? ...the boiling and taming of leather).

our tactile little beauty beckons for a closer inspection, doesn't it?  be amongst the first at tonights Autumn Design Launch Party in launceston (though, p'haps enjoy the gourmet snags after fondling the hide).  or catch Objects in Place by the water in hobart 'til the twentieth…

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